At, The Brookdale Residential School, the health of its students is of primary concern. The school has an excellent First AID medical centre on campus with trained staff available around the clock. On-campus medical centre ensures all its students living in the hostel with immediate medical care in emergency. Any form of viral diseases, infections and even minor injuries are treated within school premises itself. The medical centre has trained staff nurses  attending at all times. A doctor visits the campus periodically. The two-bed centre has a all  medication related to first AID. General and minor medical cases are treated here. Whenever a student gets an eye infection, apart from administering medicines, the child is moved to the isolation room where special care is given. At the time of admission, each student’s medical records (including information on any allergies) are acquired and fed into the school’s system. These records are then referred to whenever a student comes to the medical centre. For emergencies, the school has an association with the nearby Hospitals, where the student assisted by a medical staff and a house parent can be taken.