Situated amidst the scenic locales of Nainital, Uttarakhand, The Brookdale Residential School offers world-class residential facilities. The school has total Eight Dormitories, which includes the saperate Girl’s and Boys. Students from Class IV to VIII live in a dorm system while those from Class IX to XII reside in sharing rooms. Apart from this, English and Hindi movies are screened every weekend in the auditorium. The lights-out time for students is 9:30 pm, but senior students are allowed to study beyond this time to prepare for board exams.

Each block has resident house masters who act as parents and counselors to students. It is with these teachers that students confide in and share their concerns with. In fact, there are often times when younger students share their concerns with seniors who then discuss their issues with their house masters. The school trains students to take up additional responsibilities by assigning some of them the roles of hostel prefect, who participate in the smooth administration of the hostel. Every dormitory or room is equipped with a study table and a wardrobe for students. Linen is changed regularly, with a laundry facility where all linen and clothes are washed twice a week.