At The Brookdale Residential School, we encourage, recognise and reward all manner of excellence, whether academic or non-academic (co-curricular).  Our awards programme has been designed to motivate students to participate in various activities, compete and achieve.

The programme aims to benefit them in terms of:

  • Gaining Knowledge
  • Developing Skills
  • Building Sportsmanship

All these come together to help each student be a Confident, Self-Realised individual.



TBRS Gold Medal

School topper in Board Exam.

Roll of Honour

School Captain / student with outstanding performance in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities at school, district- and state-level competition.

Principal’s Award

Student showing insurmountable pliability and perseverance in all spheres of school, district- or national-level competition.

TBRS Vidya Ratna Award

Student showing diligence and assiduousness by securing the highest marks in class.

TBRS Eklavya Award

Student who is a dynamic, robust, energetic competitor in sports / Students competing at district- and state-level competition.

TBRS Sangeet Ratna Award

Student showing talent and dedication in singing and music.

TBRS Bal Chitra Award

Student exhibiting talent in art. Students competing at district- and state-level competition.

TBRS Cock House Trophy

Student with extraordinary and awe-inspiring performance in the day-to-day schedule.

TBRS -  Special Award for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

For inspiring, encouraging and facilitating the pupil to attain success and enhance their persona.



  • Deserving students that are already studying with us or students applying for admission may apply for a TBRS STAR SCHOLARSHIP.
  • TBRS Scholarships are available for outstanding students in Academics, Arts & Sport.
  • TBRS Scholarships will be a percentage of the Composite School & Residence Fee only.