The Brookdale Residential School, Nainital is an English medium co-educational residential school follows the CBSE syllabus. In the present scenario a tech savvy environment along with experiential learning for practical application of theoretical knowledge has become mandatory and the school thrives for the same.

We believe that education must assiduously promote and nourish as wide a range of capabilities and dexterousness in our children as possible. 

In experiential, project based and activity based learning the primary focus is on the following:

  • Application of theoretical knowledge in daily activities
  • Learning by doing
  • Encouraging creative and innovative thoughts and ideas
  • Researching, Surveying, Data Analysis, Data Accumulation, Comprehending, Presenting and Communicating

We provide our students with excellent infrastructure that enables well-rounded education. Apart from well-ventilated classrooms, the school also has a number of  Activities and the latest technology to make learning a fun process rather than a strenuous activity.