Our Country India, is a handicrafts powerhouse and this can be seen in the crafts room at The Brookdale Residential School in Nainital, Uttarakhand. The school has a large rooms decorated and designed with handicraft and art work, all prepared by the students under the guidance of our Art and craft teacher. Every student has a session a week, apart from sessions for students who take it up as part of their hobby club. Students are encouraged to explore various traditional craft-based skills including woodwork, aeromodelling and the exclusive traditions of different states of India.

In the junior classes, students are introduced to pencil and crayons drawing geometric forms and simple creative’s, and then slowly nature and modern art is introduced. In craft, students are taught to make best out of waste – creating book stands, letter holders and book covers. There are also lessons on calligraphy so that students are able to improve their handwriting. At the Annual Day, all the paintings, murals, wall decorations and all other kinds of craft prepared by students are exhibited.